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RAID 5 and rebuilding

By luv2bike2 ·
this weekend I plan on replacing the 4 SCSI hard drives that I have in my Windows 2003 Server Standard Edtion with 4 new SCSI hard drive that have the same HD space, same RPM's and hopefully the same Firmware versions. The current hard drives are in a RAID 5. My plan of attack is to replace one hard drive at a time, and have the RAID rebuild after each replacement. My question is--after I remove the current hard drive, do i restart the server before putting the new hard drive in? Or do I just take the old hard drive out and put the new one in and than reboot and pray that the rebuidl


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by BFilmFan In reply to RAID 5 and rebuilding

You power off the server. You replace the hard disk. You power the server on. All the array to rebuild. You power the server down when the rebuild is complete. Start back over.

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by luv2bike2 In reply to

thank you for your answer. I thought that would be the way to do it. just wanted to check before i did it. I know it will take a while to do the rebuilding. but I planned for the weekend to do this. thanks again

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by cmiller5400 In reply to RAID 5 and rebuilding

Depends. You may be able to do this hot while the server is running. If you have a hardware raid controller (as you should...) check to see if the drives are hot swappable. I know my IBM servers with the raid controllers are hot swappable as I have done it. The only downside is that the synchronization takes several hours to do per disk. So it could be a 2 day project to complete. Do you have a hot spare drive? If so depending on configuration, it may take even longer becase when the first disk is removed the rebuild starts on the hot spare, then if you add the drive back, it will resynchronize back to the new disk added.

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by luv2bike2 In reply to

Thank you for your answer. from what I understand the drives are hot swapable, however I feel comfortable at turning off the server and replacing the drive(s) one a time. If I am not mistaken the rebuild process will take about 4 hours for each drive.

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by luv2bike2 In reply to RAID 5 and rebuilding

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