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    RAID 5 array crash after single disk replacement


    by dave the it guy ·

    I have an HP DL380 G3 server running as a file server. 2×72 GB disks in RAID 1 for the OS and x146GB in a RAID 5 config for file storage at a remote office. I was running low on disk space so I shipped 4×300 GB disks to that site and had a local technician start the task of replacing the disks one at a time to eventually replace all of them so that I could use diskpart to extend the partition to make more space.
    The first disk was replaced and the system rebuild got to 100%. When the second disk was replaced – the array crashed. I was able to recover from this and did a complete restore from backup. Then I waited a week and had the tech try to replace another disk.
    The array crashed again….
    Anybody seen this before? My only thought as to why this might be happening is that there was very little free space <2% left on the original partition - but I don't know if that is the reason. Anybody seen this before or know why this is happening?

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