Raid 5 Array Failure

By budunlimited ·
I have an Iomega Datasafe NAS (out of warranty)with 4 76.3GB IDE drives installed in a RAID 5 SOFTWARE configuration, not hot-swappable. OS is Win 2000 ADV Server with all necessary updates. Today the system can no longer see drive 'D' which was the RAID array over 260GB.
Under the Win Disk Mangement utility I can see all for drives. It shows ALL four RAID partitions as failed. Disk 0, part-1 has the OS and is fine as the unit boots up. Disk 1, part-1 not used, cannot mirror to it because of I/O error? Disk 2 & 3, part-1 are mirrored and backup for the OS. I read all the post about RAID 5 failures and none seem to fit my situation. I did learn that I need at least 3 drives for RAID 5 to work.
Can this be a software issue with Windows or the RAID utility? Or possibly a virus? Or do I have two bad drives? If drives are bad how do I tell which ones are bad? I did unplug disk-1 and rebooted. No change, still no RAID array. What will happen if I tell the Windows disk management utility to "reactiviate the volume"? Thanks in advance for any assistance I may get.

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Iomega used Maxtor drives in those units. Maxtor drives are like Yugo cars

by ManiacMan In reply to Raid 5 Array Failure

they simply crash and fall apart before their expected mean time before failure is reached. I hope you have a backup of this data on tape because if you don't, it will cost you plenty to send the unit it to a data recovery center like Ontrack to have it fixed. I remember those Iomega NAS units at a company I used to work at, and we were replacing them almost every other week due to failures of the hard drives.

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I Don't Think So

by budunlimited In reply to Iomega used Maxtor drives ...

This unit is over 6 years old and has worked fine up until now. Maxtor HDs are far superior than any other brand. In the past 15 years I have been building, selling and repairing computers I have only had 1 Maxtor HD go bad compared to the hundreds of other brand name HDs I have replaced. The problem with this NAS is cooling & poor air flow. I have the Ontrack Recovery program I purchased for my business but not sure if it will work on RAID volumes. Thanks for your feedback thou.

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Maxtor is superior? OK..if you say so. The majority disagrees with you

by ManiacMan In reply to I Don't Think So

There was a thread not long ago on how Maxtor drives would die due to head crashes way before their MTBF is even reached. We can dispute this all day and night, but I know what I know and I've experienced nothing but problem with Maxtor drives.

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