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    RAID 5 failed redundancy


    by fiovannitti ·

    I have a W2K server. I have configure 4 SCSI hard drives as a RAID 5 using the windows utility (i have software raid solution).

    One of my drives went bad, it doest seem to be recognized by the internal scsi card upon POST.

    I have replaced the drive with a new one, but when i try to select repair volume its grayed out?

    Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

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      by razz2 ·

      In reply to RAID 5 failed redundancy

      This should be in Q & A but it sounds as though you are lacking
      permission. Make sure you are logged in as admin.


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      by razz2 ·

      In reply to RAID 5 failed redundancy

      I almost forgot. You must rebuild the set using the same disk
      type. The new disc must be must be of the same type as the
      RAID, BASIC or DYNAMIC and if you don’t have enough space,
      the Repair Volume command is unavailable


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        Raid 5

        by egil.danielsen ·

        In reply to OOOppps

        Have you tryed hardware based raid configuration.
        This is a beter solution because Windows doesen’t know how many disks you are using, softwarebased raid is slower.
        Also hardwarebased raid does fix the new disk automatically (IBM Raid 5).

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          Reply To: RAID 5 failed redundancy

          by risun_forums ·

          In reply to Raid 5

          Believe the issue is one of using different types of Disks.

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