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RAID 5 failure on quantity of disk

By lcw ·
I understand that RAID 5 either Software or Hardware which need a
minimum of 3HD and allows the dead of 1 HD.How about if I had a total
of 10HD configured as RAID5 array.How many disk can afford to die off?

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by pierrejamme In reply to RAID 5 failure on quantit ...

I believe the answer is still one. You wouldn't want to do this though because you lose too much space. Three or even two RAID 5 containers will give you more space than a single 10 drive RAID 5.
For example I had a 6 18GB drive Raid 5 that gave me 80+GB, I made two containers with 3 @ 18Gb for 50+GB each, net gain 20GB1

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by lcw In reply to RAID 5 failure on quantit ...

alright,What if I have a total of 8HD,I separate it out to 2 RAID5 with each combination of 4HD.
Does it make any sense where I can afford to die off of 1HD at each side.

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by D_V Ant In reply to RAID 5 failure on quantit ...

With Raid 5, no matter how many drives are in the array, you can only lose one and still be able to recover your data. The formula for determing the amount of disk space availabe is size of drives times number of drives - 1 drive. ie. If you have 4 18 GB drives 4 * 18 = 72 - 18 = 54. You lose on drive for the parity data. The more drives you have, the more space available for your data.

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by lcw In reply to RAID 5 failure on quantit ...

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