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RAID 5 in win2000 advanced server

By sonnysan ·
I have four 20gb disks on a scsi controller. You need the hd to be dynamic to create a RAID array in win2000. Win2000 defaults to a basic disc. So the primary partition is a basic disc (system). Upgraded to dynamic, and win2000 changed partitionto dynamic, simple volume, and 8mb of unallocated space. How do I create a RAID 5 array with all four hd's? Windows 2000 Server by Minasi is a bit fuzzy in this area. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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RAID 5 in win2000 advanced server

by Aaron V In reply to RAID 5 in win2000 advance ...

For many reasons (performance, reliability, recovery, etc), use hardware based RAID. Since you already have invested in four 20GB disks, I would continue investing in a hardware RAID Controller. Once you setup the RAID controller, decide how to present the disk(s) to the OS (Win2k). You can present 1 disk to Win2k and use Win2k to carve it up, or present multiple disks to NT. These will appear as physical disks in MMC-Disk Admin. Treat them as you would treat physical disks.

I would present multiple disks to the OS. You will have ~60G to present. Use 4 or 8 GB for C: (system drive). I would further split up Applications and Logs (D:, E:). Also, you may want to split out User data (F:, etc). This will give you flexbility, andthe redundancy for which you purchased the drives.

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RAID 5 in win2000 advanced server

by sonnysan In reply to RAID 5 in win2000 advance ...

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

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