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Raid 5 on NT Server

By squashbertie ·
I have been trying to resolve a problem on my NT hardware raid server which seems to have got me stumped. The problem is every time I copy large files say 50Mb upwards to the Raid drives on the server the network slows down. I can copy from the raid drives with no problem. The silo has nine UW drives connected to the server via a DPT 3334uw raid card. Does anyone have any ideas or experienced the same problem ?

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Raid 5 on NT Server

by wayne.maples In reply to Raid 5 on NT Server

just some questions

slowdown involves larger WRITES to the raid

have you verified that you haven't lost a drive in the raid
have you run a diagnotic on the raid controller

you say that the nework slows down. Are you saying that the network copy is slow going from workstationXx to server_raid and not from server_raid to workstationX? That is, have you put a sniffer on the segment with the server to see whats happening on the network.

Is the problem consistent for various workstations. ie win9x vs nt workstation vs mac ...

Finally does the type of workstation have any impact on the problem.


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Raid 5 on NT Server

by squashbertie In reply to Raid 5 on NT Server

In answer to the questions:-
1. The raid drives are all running at optimal performance.
2. It is the Raid Server that seems to overload when large files are copied to it thus slowing down the whole network.
3. I have checked what is happening andit seems the server is reaponding to client requests eratically when large files are being copied.
4. The problem is consistant.
5. The type of workstation does not have any affect.


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