Raid 5 to Raid 1 and system restore.

By angelo ·
I have a Win2003 DC which has 4 72GB SAS drives configured in a RAID 5.

I want to pull out 2 of the drives to use on another server and configure the other 2 drives as RAID 1.

I have a backup of the DC from the Windows backup util.

Could I easily rebuild the server and then restore my backup?

Thanks for all the help.

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In theory ...

by Churdoo In reply to Raid 5 to Raid 1 and syst ...

... it should work, in Directory Services Restore mode, but based on the time and risk, I'd spend the <$1000 for a pair of 72-giggers for server #2 and leave well enough alone. Not knowing what else this server is doing, I would alternatively consider demoting the server, assuming you have another DC so you're not dorking with your AD, and do your backup / re-RAID / restore trick and then re-promote the server after all is done.

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Yep I have to agree it Theory it should work but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Raid 5 to Raid 1 and syst ...

If this is a production server I wouldn't risk trying it without a Full Clone of the System.

If it is a test rig then by all means try it to see what actually happens but if there is a time critical process involved for a business I just wouldn't risk the down time.


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