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By bbush ·
What levels of RAID are supported in W2K/NT?

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by jschein In reply to RAID and W2K/NT

ask your teacher or look it up in your text book. If you have no clue about this and are looking for your textbook answer for a question from class, NEVER ask this here.

You have a problem with raid, we will help you fix it. You have one type of raid and would like to switch from that to another, ASK THAT QUESTION

Do not come in here expecting people to finish your school work for you.

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by CG IT In reply to RAID and W2K/NT

levels of Redundant Arrary of Inexpensive Disks.
humm tricky of your teacher to ask that.

the term Levels assumes a heirarchy in which one level preceeds another, the lower level less desirable than higher levels. Given that defining term, then in the case of Redundant Arrary of Inexpensive Disks there are no levels supported in W2K/NT as there isn't a heirarchy between em.

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