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Raid and Windows Power Management

By sjc2309 ·

I have a raid-5 array in Windows Server 2003 which, is working fine.

Having been thinking about the power consumption and HDD life, I was wondering about using the Windows Power Management to power down the HDD's after 30 min as they're not used 24/7.

Would this cause any issues with the raid-5 array at all?

Thank you.


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Not Advised

by BFilmFan In reply to Raid and Windows Power Ma ...

If that RAID array is being used to store a swap file, NTFS or SYSVOL volume for Active Directory or a quorum for a disk cluster, I wouldn't recommend powering the disks down.

The powering down of the disks wouldn't save enough money to be of merit to an organization.

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Quantify your saving

There is obviously a risk,especially if the Active Directory is on one of the volumes of the 5 disk RAID array. I would suggest that you first quantify your power savings in dollar terms.. and then take the call,given the potential small risk of crashing your RAID servers. If your quantified power savings are significant and your data is well backup up, you can consider a power down

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You might cause more problems

by lscott708 In reply to Raid and Windows Power Ma ...

If this isn't a Windows OS managed RAID-5 (i.e. its on a hardware RAID controller) powering off the disks will look like an array failure. This will probably create some headaches and - depending on how the controller responds when the disks reappear - possible data loss.

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