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Raid Array issue on Boot of Win2k

By kipph ·
We have a Mail Server System that we wanted to upgrade the SCSI hard drives (20gb > 74gb) to larger capacity. Now the issues we where having is on the boot after the ghosting of the drives.
We just get a blank screen on OS boot. We can not figure it out. We have tried all the drives we could get our hands on and a clean install of Win2k all w/ the same results. Please Help we would like to upgrade these drives since they are getting a little noisy (well very noisy).

System config:
Intel L44GX MB w/ SCSI Ultra2 (On-Board)
Adaptec ARO-1130U2 Raid Controller (RAID-1)
Windows 2000 Pro w/ SP4
Current Drives (2)-Seagate ?? (20gb)
New Drives (2)-Seagate ST373207LW (74gb)


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Raid Array issue on Boot ...

Are these drives connected to the Onboard SSI Controller or the plug in Adaptec Raid Card?

If it's the latter you'll need to install the RAID drivers durring the initial setup so that Y2K can actually see the HDD's and load to them as well as loading the correct driver to allow it to read from them when the time comes to attempt to start the computer. This is acomplished by pressing the F6 key at the begining of the install and selecting SCSI or Other Mass Storage Devices and then using the driver supplied with the Plug in RAID controller.

If you are running off the Onboard SCSI controller you have one or more drives sharing the same drive number and this is casuing them not to be reconized. The Intel Manual should tell you whaich nimber the actuall controller is and then you can set the drives acordingly to different numbers. Depending on the controller it can be any number between 1 to 7 or 1 to 14 But this will be in the manual or at the very least the PDF file that comes on the Intel Install CD.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Does this M'Board support drives that Big?

That could be your problem here. Although unlikely there where some of the older 440 Chip set M'Boards that didn't accept anything over 60 GIG capacity.

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by kipph In reply to Raid Array issue on Boot ...


We did use F6 to load the drivers & the SCSI ID's where also checked. Our issues is after the fact. We think we had a good transfer of data or clean install then when we reboot the OS system hangs w/ no errors. We where always hoping for a error screen to give some kinda of clue. but NOT.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Raid Array issue on Boot ...

Your problem is the ghost!!! If you make a ghost image of a 20 g HDD you can put this ghost to on other 20 g HDD and you definitely can't put this image on 74 g HDD.
The solution is to install windows on new drive, install all necessary applications, and copy all desired data from old drive.

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by kipph In reply to Raid Array issue on Boot ...


I've ghosted many drives from small to large & large to small. What I have never done was a RAID-1 ghosting (sector copy). Is this what your referring to? Once the sector copy was complete we did get a message that the copy was successful. I don't really understand why a sector copy would matter unless the RAID-1 cannot do that, but why did it complete successfully? We did not change RAID controllers (ARO-1130U2) that should not be the problem, but this is not my forte and this is why I asking the Question on TechRepublic.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Raid Array issue on Boot ...

Regarding the comment about ghost being the issue, I have created an image on a 8GB partition and moved it to 40GB & 80GB drives. Just a crazy question but the new array is marked bootable?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Raid Array issue on Boot ...

Just another thought, load the DOS drivers for the RAID controller before you launch Ghost.

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by kipph In reply to

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