raid backup

By nbelani ·
Any body knows how to backup the complete system with RAID Level 1. Complete will require the operating system, software and all the data.

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Cobian Backup should get everything onto an external..

by cmatthews In reply to raid backup

..usb drive:

Others here:

Another way is get a drive of equal size, swap it in and let it rebuild.

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by nbelani In reply to Cobian Backup should get ...

Thanks for prompt reply. Shall I use regular backup to backup drive 1 on the 3rd drive?

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Terminologies differ, but usually it's complete..

by cmatthews In reply to RAID

..sorry for delay, hope that works.

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.02 cents

by ---TK--- In reply to raid backup

Why are you looking to backup the OS on a RAID 1? The odds are really low, that two drives will die at the same time...

If anything I would do the initial install including fav. programs, then make an image of it, back up your data to a third drive that is dedicated to backups only...

This way if you take a dive and both drives die at the same time, you can replace them reinstall the image, and pull the data off the external drive.... 2hrs later your back up and running.

Just an opinion, take it as a grain of salt :)

Drive image XML, Ultimate boot CD, bart PE... some free software that you might find helpful.

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Off site backup maybe? (fire-theft will take both drives..)

by cmatthews In reply to .02 cents

I used to like ghost for this because of Ghost Explorer.. getting at data within the archive was easy.

But for newbies, finding dos-mode USB drivers that work can be a pain in the butt. E-Sata is what I use with Acronis to do full backups.

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what os are you using ?

by martinknapton In reply to raid backup

what operating system are you using on your computer and what is it that you are trying to backup on to..?

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