RAID/BIOS/keyboard issue

By dawningmoment ·
Hi all. I would appreciate any attempts to help me with my problem. I was mucking around with hard drives the other night. I have 2 HD's linked via
RAID 0 and somehow it's not detecting the RAID volume anymore. Now this has happened before where all I have to do is restore the RAID volume in the intel configuration screen. The problem is my keyboard is not working in that screen. I have tried 2 different PS/2 keyboards as well as a USB. The USB keyboards will work in the BIOS just fine. I get past the first POST screen without a hitch then when it goes to the next screen to detect the HD's i get the RAID not detected error and it says I can press Ctrl+I to enter conifguration where I can restore the RAID volume by pressing Y and Enter. 2 stinkin keys are all I need! But no, once I get to that screen the lights on the keyboard go out and it is does not respond. Now the PS/2 keyboards don't even make it past the initial POST. The lights blink as soon as the power to the PC is turned on. Any help is truly appreciated. This all happened because I was removing a HD from an older PC and installing it into my current PC so I can try out Linux for the first time. My HD loses itself once in a blue moon and the raid volume needs to be restored but I have never had the issue with the keyboard not working in the configuration screen. Once again any help is appreciated.

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IRQ conflict

by Absolutely In reply to RAID/BIOS/keyboard issue

Try removing the hard drive you just plugged in. If that works, you have an IRQ conflict, which you can resolve in the CMOS.

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by dawningmoment In reply to RAID/BIOS/keyboard issue

OK. So I wound up going into the BIOS and inside the PCI Onboard settings I switched the keyboard control to BIOS instead of OS and that did the job!. Thanks!

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Glad to help.

by Absolutely In reply to fixed!

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