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RAID controller died. need to replace without losing data

By elizabeth ·
my raid controller on my netfinity 5600 server died today. and defunct 3 of my drives. i have a 6 drive config. RAID 5. the first 5 drives are an array. the last drive is a hot swap.

i replaced the raid controller card, but i need to be able to config the new card without losing the data on my array. HELP ME PLEASE.
i have gone into the IBM serverraid mini config utility during bootup and told the card to copy the coniguration from the drives. when i did that htey defunct the same 3 drives again.. what am i missing here? i dont wana rebuild the server. anything else i can try?

i have tried to power down server, re seat the drives, re seat the controller. convinced the controller is dead.

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by brian In reply to RAID controller died. nee ...

You really need to be more specific. Many carsds write configuration data on the front of the drive and will find it. Allthough some write it in other places and others not at all.

Is it the exact same raid card?

What kind of raid card is it?

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