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    RAID controller failure


    by hanekwj


    I have a computer with me that had two HDD in RAID 1. The motherboard however has decided to pack up on me and because this is not a server motherboard with removable backplanes or anything i cannot fix the controler without replacing the motherboard. The motherboard is quite old and is no longer for sale.

    Seeing as I cannot get the same controller, is there any way i can still recover the data?

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      by hanekwj

      In reply to RAID controller failure


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      You may however be able to get another M’Board

      by oh smeg

      In reply to RAID controller failure

      With the same Model RAID Controller on it or a updated Model of that RAID Controller.

      Without knowing which M’Board it is it’s impossible to say however. 馃槈

      Also there are Data Recovery Programs which can recover RAID Data from individual disc’s but it’s neither cheap or straight forward to use.


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      Mirrored Drives

      by willcomp

      In reply to RAID controller failure

      If drives are IDE or SATA, you should be able to connect one of them to another PC and retrieve data.

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        Thank you…

        by hanekwj

        In reply to Mirrored Drives

        Thanks for the replies,

        I found a refurbished board for $20 and it works.

        Willcomp… Are you saying that it is that easy to recover data from a RAID 1 controler failure?

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