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Raid Controller / Raid 5 Set up

By matt5968 ·
I have a Highpoint rocket raid 404. I what to use raid 5 on an existing xp pc. After installing the cards driver how do I make raid 5 set using the exixteng system hard drive without losing anything///thanks

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Raid Controller / Raid 5 ...

You don't want to reinstall XP, right? And the drive XP is installed on currently is NOT in a RAID5 config?
Then sorry, but you can't do it from the hardware setup. You see, if you were to change the RAID config from a hardware level, that would delete the MBR, and XP would not be able to boot. It would see the new RAID 5 as a new drive with nothing installed on it. You would lose your XP install and all data.
You could try adding the drives and setting them up without touching the drive XP is currently installed on. So, you could make an additional drive that is RAID 5 (if you have at least 3 new hard drives) or a RAID 1 (if you only have 2 new hard drives).
Then boot into XP. XP will see the new RAID as a single drive.
You could then set up the drive XP is currently installed on as a Dynamic drive. Then reboot.
THEN, boot again into XP and you could set up a software Mirror drive. You could add the current XP install onto the RAID drive in a software RAID 1 setup.
Let that stabilize.
And now things get really freaky!
Then it would be possible to to REMOVE the drive that XP was originally installed on from the computer.
You could then boot off a WinXP boot floppy with a modified BOOT.INI file that points to the RAID mirror array. Put the floppy in the drive. Boot the computer. The computer will read the modified BOOT.INI file, and boot off the mirrored RAID partition.
Then you could go into the XP Disk Management and REMOVE the mirror, leaving the RAID array with the mirrored copy as THE main System partition.

Bingo! You now have migrated XP to a RAID array you made after your initial XP install. It will work. Yes, it is quite a few steps and does sound a little crazy, but it should work.

Good luck

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by matt5968 In reply to

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by matt5968 In reply to Raid Controller / Raid 5 ...

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