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    raid controllers


    by rajasekar_j ·

    what is raid controller?
    how does it work?
    what is the difference between RAID & SCSI?

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      raid controllers

      by ann777 ·

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      “RAID (redundant array of independent disks; originally redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a way of storing the same data in different places (thus, redundantly) on multiple hard disks. By placing data on multiple disks, I/O operations can overlap in a balanced way, improving performance. Since multiple disks increases the mean time between failure (MTBF), storing data redundantly also increases fault-tolerance.”

      “SCSI (pronounced SKUH-zee and sometimes colloquially known as “scuzzy”), the Small Computer System Interface, is a set of evolving ANSI standard electronic interfaces that allow personal computers to communicate with peripheral hardware such as disk drives, tape drives, CD-ROM drives, printers, and scanners faster and more flexibly than previous interfaces. Developed at Apple Computer and still used in the Macintosh, the present set of SCSIs are parallel interfaces. SCSI ports are built into most personal computers today and are supported by all major operating systems.”


      Basically RAID is an array of disks that provides for fault tolerance (depending on the type of RAID used) which SCSI is a type of hard disk drives (versus IDE drives).

      There’s a whole lot more information at the above link on both RAID and SCSI.

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      Reply To: raid controllers

      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to raid controllers

      SCSI is a computer to drive interface.
      For the long defination go to this link:

      Remove spaces that might appear after copy and paste.

      Raid is a drive combination format for redundance and safety of drive information storage. It utilizes multiple drives for this purpose.

      For the long defination go here:

      Again no spaces.

      Tech note: You can do raid with ide drives, and the new serial ATA.

      Hope this helps


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