raid drives to bigger drives

By greenc ·
i have a windows 2000 sb server, i have a raid with 5 18g hd's. i am running raid 1 on two drives, raid 1+0 on two drives and raid 0. my question is i have a unitrends disk to disk backup server so my data is backed and set for bare metal resotre. I am out of space on the current drives and am updating to 72g drives. bascially i can shutdown the server and put the new drives in and then reboot to the unitrends and do a full restore. My question is can i use partition magic to get the server to use the additional disk space. I know that the server will use the disk space defined and not automatically use the space on the larger drives. this is our main app server so it needs to be up asap.

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Unless the RAID array

by cmiller5400 In reply to raid drives to bigger dri ...

Unless the RAID Card supports expanding the array, than the answer is no, you can not just swap the drives. Partition Magic will expand the volume to fill the drive size that the RAID array uses, but unless the raid array is expanded to use the full drives, Partition Magic will not see that space.

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i should have mentioned

by greenc In reply to Unless the RAID array

Sorry i should have said that i will first define the raid and arrays in the bios then do the reinstall. the reinstall will only use what originally was backed up. then i can use partition magic to expand out the volumes, correct? I guess my real question is will partition magic work w/windows 2000 server and raid configs? Thanks again for your help

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Should work.

by cmiller5400 In reply to i should have mentioned

That should work.

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