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    RAID for IDE drives


    by chris ·

    can anybody recommend a good RAID card for IDE drives?

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      Tekram DC-680C

      by infra_hdc ·

      In reply to RAID for IDE drives

      This is an old, but very good card for VL Bus (i486 PC systems) supports RAID0 (mirroring). Supported disk sizes is up to 4GB. Onboard RAM is from 512KB to 16MB (2 banks of 2*simm 30pin). Supported 256KB, 1MB and 4MB SIMMs. See this URL for details:

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        Try DupliDisk.

        by ds9 ·

        In reply to Tekram DC-680C

        DupliDisk is a small unit that mounts in a 3 inch front bay on the computer. Two drives are pluged into the sides of the unit internally, and one cable to the IDE/EIDE/UDMA controller on the board. DupliDisk is RAID1 (Mirroring). Mirroring with the Windows NT4 system will create Mirrored drives, but they are written to sequentially. That is “write to drive 1, then write to drive 2”. This slows down disk access. DupliDisk writes to BOTH drives simualtaniously. Much faster. Three LED’s on the front give status of each drive, and status of the Mirror (OK or Broken).

        ARCO Products, Inc.

        About $240.00
        Other models available.


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      Re: RAID for IDE drives

      by rhythm12 ·

      In reply to RAID for IDE drives

      There are several RAID controllers for IDE that are now available. I have personlly worked with Promise FastTrak/66/100 controllers. It supports Raid 0 & 1. I would not recommend them to you as I have observed lost volumes and stripes with these cards without an actual failed drive far too often. Additionally these drivers do not support system partions under NT/2000. They now have the SuperTrak line which I can recommend as they are ‘server quality’. They Support Raid 0,1 & 5 and come in 2to 6 ide channels. Kingston now sells drive enclosures and IDE RAID setups under STORCASE name. I have used their drive enclosures but not the IDE RAID setups. I have colleagues who give them a thumbs up. Adaptec/DPT also sells the AAA-UDMA raid controller. This controller I expect to perform well because of DPTs input.


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