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RAID in intel 7501HG2

By subhashanarayan ·
I have mirrored (built in Hardware RAID)on intel 7501HG2 motherboard and installed windows 2003 Enterprise edition. Now I want to remove raid, but if I break raid windows 2003 is crashes(bsod). I can't even see what is the error. Is there any solution.

Subhasha H.L

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by CG IT In reply to RAID in intel 7501HG2

not without having to reinstall the O/S.

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by CG IT In reply to RAID in intel 7501HG2

to elaborate, the RAID controllers [assuming that these are Promise Fastrak RAID] on the mainboard are seem by Windows as a SCSI Mass Storage Devices. To utilize the HDDs connected to the RAID controllers, you must first create an array which the BIOS then idents. Next to to change your boot order from boot HDD-0 [IDE based drives] to boot SCSI. Next when you first install Windows, it will ask if you need to install any Mass Storage Device drivers like SCSI. You have to press F6 and install em before you install the O/S. Windows will then install the O/S to the RAID array and recognize it as bootable. Break the array and Windows won't be able to find anything to boot to. Its the "array" thats bootable not the drives themselves. Promise RAID is different than SCSI RAID in the Promise only allows 2 drives [one on each controller] where as SCSI can string on up to 17 drives [depending upon how you setup it up[striped]. hope that answers your question. If you have broken the array by formating the HDDs there isn't any help. If you delete the array in the Promise RAID utility but did NOT format any of the HDDs you might be able to recover by creating the array again in the Promise RAID controller utility [keeping the HDDs on the same controller] and try booting up.

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