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RAID in Linux How to tell?

By shiuhrong ·
How can I check whether my Linux server is RAID enabled?

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by les In reply to RAID in Linux How to tell ...

well firstly you need to be clear on what you are asking. Are you asking whether Linux supports raid? or are you asking whether your hardware has raid opitons?

For linux - software raid is supported. You just need to set it up.

For hardware - consult your m/b manual. Pull the case off and have a look. Do you have a drive array or a seperate add on card for raid?

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by pstraw In reply to RAID in Linux How to tell ...

If you are trying to find out if your kernel has "RAID enabled", you can try;

packetmaster proc # cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid5] [multipath]
read_ahead not set
unused devices: <none>

If you do not have the file /proc/mdstat, your kernel currently does not have "RAID enabled".

If your kernel simply needs the RAID functions enabled, you could try loading these modules;
md linear multipath lvm-mod xor raid0 raid1 raid5

You can "insmod" them individually or try "modprobe raid5" to try and load them all.

If the file /proc/mdstat doesn't exist and loading the modules fails you will need to recompile your kernel. <>

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by mickey In reply to RAID in Linux How to tell ...

do a "dmesg|more" and look for a /dev/md0

also, a simple "mount" will show your active mounts.

if you see a /dev/md0 it is a RAID mount point

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