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RAID Install and Recovery of DATA

By noname@noname ·
Hi, I have been happily working on my 200GB SATA hard drive until I got this idea that it was better to RAID another one together with it for redundancy. What I did was put another one in (on channel 2) and then went into the RAID utility (pressing F9 after boot up) and
created a RAID 0 disk (yes, I know, it should have been RAID 1). When it came up and asked if I wanted to SPLIT the Data from DISK 1 across the disks, I said no (yes, stupid again) and then saved and exited. The problem is obviously all the DATA on DISK 1 has disappeared. Now this is a big issue, so I quickly went back in and deleted the RAID and set the BIOS back to single mode so it could boot off the normal disk. Problem is I can't see the DATA anymore :-( Is there any GURU or EXPERT who can tell me how to retrieve the data or even better reset the MBR or what ever else is required so I can boot off the original disk again. For ref, I am using Windows XP Home, Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-8S648FX-775

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RAID Install and Recovery ...

First thing remove the original HDD and reload Windows onto the second one as a single drive.

After you have a working copy of Windows installed reinstall the second HDD and allow it to be a slave and then you can run any number of Data Recovery Programs over it. My personal would be On Tracks Easy Recovery but it isn't at all cheap.

There are also the following Data Recovery Programs available but remember with any Data Recovery Program to save the Data to the other HDD and never run the risk of overwriting the data on the drive that you are attempting to recover from.

Just a word of warning here on the X Ways site unless you know HEX inside out DO NOT ATTEMPT to use Win Hex use the Davory product instead.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to RAID Install and Recovery ...

You can try to boot from win XP install CD and select repair. After the console apairs type "FIXMBR". If not working, try to reinstall windows XP. This last one ofcourse after HAL's solution.

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