RAID Issue?

By be30013 ·
Greets All!

Have a question about raid.

Here's the specifics:

Running a PC to:

1-router, then to

2-Raid/storage (configured as Raid 1) (D-link DNS-323), then to

3-DSM-510 (D-link media streamer)

I've copied file xyz.avi to the "Library" aka DNS-323 and can see it on the TV via DSM-510.

I've copied 5 more similar to xyz.avi to the DNS-323, but cannot see them through the DSM on the TV; I've also deleted xyz.avi from the DNS, though it still shows on the TV via DSM.

My first thought is that the mirrored drive is now serving xyz.avi to view on the TV. So my question now is...can I force update a copy or mirror on the raid config? If not, how do I get the xyz.avi off the DNS for both drives?

Thoughts, questions, suggestions or feedback are greatly appreciated.


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by Churdoo In reply to RAID Issue?

This is not a RAID issue. True RAID is completely transparent and automatic. Any operation performed on one disk is automatically and transparently performed on the other. There are no "force update" or similar functionality because they're simply not needed and not applicable.

For your situation, I'd investigate caching or refresh at the DSM before I point fingers at RAID.

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by jacklweinberg In reply to RAID Issue?

Use the "refresh" command on the config.
Unless, you do that, it doesn't see any new files.

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