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RAID Monitoring

By mike ·
I have an HP ML 330 G6 Server running Server 20003R2
It has the capability to have (4) additional hard drives so I am considering to install (4) 2TB drives and configure as RAID5 which I can use for backups.. The Caddies for these drive do not have led indicators. I am trying to find a way to have the system tell me there is a problem - without looking at the RAID controller or the Logs every day.
I have talked to HP but they have no solution except to Install Insight Manager - which looks like a lot of heavy software to do a what I thought was a simple task . ( I did install Insight and it caused me BIG problems with my eSATA Multilane connection to 4 drives in an ADDONICS external Drive Box and the system went into SLOW mode.) - Now disabled.
Surely there must be some way to automatically flag up problems on these drives? All help appreciated. I guess if I had Server 2008 I could have the system log send me emails.)

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Insight Manager is your best option

by robo_dev In reply to RAID Monitoring

Have got that app monitoring something like 100 HP boxes at the moment.

Snare would be an alternative to send some logs to you, but by the time you get that all installed and configured, you could have installed Insight Manager already.

Or a product Nagios and the NSclient++, but setting up a Nagios server aint much different than an Insight Manager server, IMHO.

Nagios stuff is really cool, but Insight Manager has a nice gui, and with Nagios and NSClient you have to do a bit of config-file hacking.

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SmartStart CD

by JPElectron In reply to RAID Monitoring

Build your server using the SmartStart CD that it came with, it basically scripts the Windows install to include SNMP and the Insight Manager software. This also gives you the ability for email alerts when anything goes wrong with the server (not just RAID) and includes a web-based control panel for diagnosing and keeping firmware and drivers up to date.

Why you would want to re-invent the wheel with a role-your-own software hack/solution is beyond me - this is why you bought an expensive server, all the software engineering has been done for you, just use it.

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As others

by gechurch In reply to RAID Monitoring

As others have said, just install Insight Manager. Install SNMP first (you'll get a weird error message otherwise). After that it's a real snap.

I'm interested in why your drive caddy's don't have LED indicators though. Are they genuine HP drives? If not you can get proper caddy's for about $15 each on Ebay.

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Reponse To Answer

by mike In reply to As others

Yes surprising isnt it - the 'HP caddies came with the HP server ML330 G6 - i'm told only blades have LED's !
I did have problmes the insight manager - like I said. I am going to install Insight on my my backup domain controller which does very little and Insight likes min 4GB memory, and I'm only running x86 20003R2 on my single Production server so memory there is limited to less than 4Gig+ so none to spare. Seems like sledgehammer to crack a nut - but if the sledghammer is cheaper...

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