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Raid Question:

By rhayes ·
Was wondering if anybody out there has taken a configured box with a Raid 0 and changed it to a Raid 1. Or what is this Raid 10 all about. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Raid 10

by timwalsh In reply to Raid Question:

Raid 10 is actually a combination of Raid 0 (striping) and Raid 1 (mirroring). It is a mirrored, striped set.

First create a striped set (minimum of 2 drives). Then you mirror this striped set (double the number of striped drives).

Pros: Striping improves I/O performance by splitting data blocks across multiple drives. Mirroring can improve read operation times by reading from both mirrors. Mirroring also gives you some fault tolerance (oth mirrors contain the same data at all times.

Cons: Cost (although this is less a factor these days) - effectively you get to use only half of your total physical storage capacity.

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