RAID questions

By kyle.kearnes ·
I have a Dell 2600 with a PERC RAID 5 using 6 drives. No hot spares. The drives were removed from the chassis without being marked. A couple of questions at this point: (1) is there anyway of determining how they went in originally? (2) A couple of the drives are showing failed, what happens if I force them online?
The server has redundant systems. I think the RAID card channel 0 maybe bad, can I move the drives to the other channel and get the drives to work.
Last the OS is on the RAID, how will this be effected?

Thanks for any input

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by bart777 In reply to RAID questions

I think you're in a bit of a pickle.
I don't believe that Dell has any way of correcting when the drives are out of order. If you cannot get them in the correct order you're hosed.
This makes your second question moot. If the drives are forced and not in order you'll lose the array.

I HOPE you have a good backup of that server that was taken just before the dives were removed. If you do then rebuild the array and recover the backup. If you don't have that backup you're going to have to plan on a long night.

If you have any doubts about the RAID controller, now is the time to replace it.

Best of luck

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Oh boy, somebody did the stupid of stupid mistakes with this

by ManiacMan In reply to RAID questions

Anytime you setup a RAID, each drive is basically bound to a specific slot, so you can't just jumble them around in any order. It would be easier if you had a RAID 1 mirror with 2 drives, but since you had RAID 5 with 6 drives, it will take you trial and error to figure out and will most likely drive you nuts because you'll have to figure out which drives should be in which slots. I honestly don't know how else to figure it out, because when I move drives that are part of an array, I always mark the slots on them with a label. If you have a backup, recreate the array and logical drive and restore the data.

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I appreciate the quick responses

by kyle.kearnes In reply to Oh boy, somebody did the ...

Thanks guys,
I thought as much. I am trying to help out some freinds of mine and they don't know too much about servers/RAIDs. I was hoping the drive designations from the physical drive selection menu in the PERC BIOS would tell me where they were originally.
Thanks again.


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Well, whatever can hint at what drive goes where will help much

by ManiacMan In reply to I appreciate the quick re ...

but without that, you're playing guessing games and risking serious data corruption. Good luck and I hope you get it working.

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Is it SCSI?

by GDoC In reply to RAID questions

I thought that the PERC controllers were all SCSI based, If so the positioning of the drives is based upon the individual drive SCSI IDs. If the ID is assigned by slot in a RAID "cage" then you are in trouble. If only two of the six drives show a fail, have you attempted to reverse thier order in the cage? If so you may be able to restore full operation.
In a RAID 5 with no hot-spare configuration you can stand the loss of one drive only. If you loose two drives, you have to regenerate all of the data.
By moving the drives between different channels you are changing the mapping of the drives, and thus breaking the RAID configuration.
If all of the drives were working prior to removal, they will probably work again, but you'll have to rebuild the Array, and thus loose all of the data.

Good luck

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