RAID recommandation

By fox_x ·
I bought a new Dell server - 8 Harddisks of 1TB each. I will install win2008 on it.

Which Raid configuration shall I do ?

Generally I want to have partition C of around 40gb for the windows etc, and D (and perhaps E) for all the Data.

I tried to play with it, it didn't allow me to create all the 8 disks on 1 RAID5 array.
It allowed me only to make 2 RAID5 arrays, so I made 3 disks into 1 RAID5 and the other 5 into a second RAID5.

In this case from the first array I made c (system) into 40gb, d (data) into 1.8TB and e (data 3.6tb).

Any suggestions ?


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small correction

by fox_x In reply to RAID recommandation

My current configuration is:
First array (3 disks of 1TB each):
C (system) 40gb
D (Data) 1.8TB

Second array (5 disks of 1TB each):
E 3.6TB

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