RAID setup

By Mancinza ·
I have IBM x3400 server with 3 drives, can someone advise on how best to setup RAID on this server. Server will be used for data/files only with Windows 2003 as OS.

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read this

by david.wallis In reply to RAID setup
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RAID setup

by Chris Cook In reply to RAID setup

I would agree with the RAID 5 suggestion. If you had 2 more drives, I would suggest a RAID 1 and 5. On my DB servers, I setup a RAID 1 configuration for the OS and Applications. All data is stored within the RAID 5 configuration.

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RAID 5 is the way to go.

by bart777 In reply to RAID setup

Your only other choice with 3 drives is a RAID 1 with a hot spare. While this would be a great fail-over you effectively lose 2 of your 3 disks to redundancy. That's just not good a good idea if you are only doing data storage.

Obviously make sure that the backup stratagy is in place as well in the event of a 2 disk failure. (Yes they do happen)

Best of luck

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Or if you are feeling lucky

by LiamE In reply to RAID 5 is the way to go.

Or if you are feeling lucky you could try a 3 disk raid 0 for great performance. Great performance and you get that "am I going to lose everything today" buzz every time the server sneezes!

Seriously though.... raid 5.

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Thanks Liam

by bart777 In reply to Or if you are feeling luc ...

I needed a good laugh today.

Ooooooo, what a buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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