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By mark ·
I am planning on a reinstall of my 2003 enterprise server. I currently have 10 drives in it. 4 os drive raid10, 2 pagefile/printer spooler raid 1 and 4 raid 10 for data used for cobol based hosted application.
I have approximately 150 to 200 users accessing through microsoft rdp client. I limit access through active directory so they only run our application, no desktop. Because they are clients, I can not limit their printers coming through. I end up with about 1000 printers. We install no print drivers, so they end up with fall back drivers.
The system hangs for 5 secs or so. It is getting worse the longer the server is installed with the same number of users. the 2 quad core processors never get above 50% and never uses more than 8 of the 16 gigs of ram.
my guess is the i/o from terminal services on the drives are causing the glitches.
Would you sacrifice the 2 drives used for paging which don't appear to be doing much. I am thinking of taking 1 for the os and 1 for the data drive and making 2 5 disk raid 5s.
Any pros or cons?

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