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RAID Using Windows XP Home Edition

By armchair99 ·
Hi all:

I've Googled and STF'd but still can't seem to find an answer. Here's my problem...

My wife's Windows XP Home machine experienced a failure of the boot HDD the other day...sadly she may lose some data as the machine was set up without RAID. I'd like to implement a redundant RAID setup to prevent future data loss. I'm thinking of using a hardware RAID solution to achieve this...perhaps RAID 10?

My question is if I use a Promise FastTrak SX4100 RAID controller and 4 80GB SATA drives will I need to upgrade to XP Pro or can I continue to use XP Home. The controller supports RAID levels 0,1,5 and 10.

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by cincy2hot4u In reply to RAID Using Windows XP Hom ...

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TechRepublic spam?

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by wcp In reply to RAID Using Windows XP Hom ...

You can use XP Home.

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by wlbowers In reply to RAID Using Windows XP Hom ...

Using the Raid controller card makes the setup independent of
the OS.

When the computer is booting you will see the drivers load for
the Promise. You should see an option to enter setup. That is
where you will make the raid configuration.

Windows will then see the raid as a single drive.

A word of caution. Even with a raid you risk the chance of a
disaster crash. I recomend to my customers to implement a off
machine backup with NOS as well as using raid.

Iomega makes NAS boxes that make it a joy to back up critical
documents and folders.

The Iomega 100D is still avaible in 250gig and 160gig
configurations. This box installs on the ethernet network and
using software that you configure will backup anything you want
on a daily basis.

It can even be configured to keep a user defined number of the
backups for redundancy.

The units have been out long enough I see them on ebay for
around $100.00.

the biggest thing about this setup is once you configure it you
just don't worry about. It does the backups automaticly.

Good Luck


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RAID Using Windows XP Hom ...

As noone has said anything here the big advantage of the Promise Tech Cards is that they will rebuild the RAID should you suffer a HDD failure so it should be a good solution.

But having said that there is no subsitute for a DR Plan and religiously performing Backup's so that in a worst case senario you can replace the entire computer without the loss of any data.

I've had to do this in one business after a Fire Suppression System Failure that filled the computers with water and fried the server which happened to be on at the time. Happened on a Saturday and I had replacment machines in place and running within 25 minutes come Monday Morning se the business effectively suffered no down time and even better no Data Loss.


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by mypcbroke In reply to

My wife and I have 7 computers between us. I built a budget PC with 2 750 GB drives and it runs Windows Home Server. Simply awesome! Recently had to do a bare metal restore of her laptop when the old drive failed. Took less than an hour, including swapping out the drive. Just like doing an Acronis image. The backups run everyday, automatically. Great solution when there are more than 2 or 3 to protect.

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