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    RAID w/Hot Swap Sata


    by richie ·

    Hey everyone,

    I’m not sure if my situation is a bit difficult, but it’s something that I’ll surely need answered. Forgive my lack of knowledge on RAID as it’s not my area.

    Basically this is what I need:

    HDD0(OS) to mirror to RemovableDrive0
    HDD1(Data) to mirror to RemovableDrive1
    HDD2(Data) to mirror to RemovableDrive2


    Do I need a motherboard that has all 6 SATA ports enabled for RAID?

    This will be used as a backup server so the drives are going to be pulled out and replaced with new ones once a week.

    Everytime a new drive is put in, HDD0, HDD1 and HDD2 will automatically mirror to the removable drives respectively.

    Would I need software for this, or will Windows automatically do this? Which RAID level is possible for this? Since it is mirroring, I believe RAID 1.

    Can anyone shed some light on my situation?


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