RAID with a Partitioned Hardrive HELP!!!!!

By viccuranovic ·
I have windows 2003 server (R2) and My hardrive is partitioned (C & D). I need to setup a RAID 1 Config for my O.S. and RAID 5 for my Data. But how do I go about doing that since they are partitioned? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Firstly I don't know if what you want is possible

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RAID with a Partitioned H ...

But you do it from the initial setup and this will involve wiping the HDD's and setting up the RAID at the first step in installing the OS.

Not sure if you can have 2 different RAID Systems on the one machine but maybe if you have a hardware Raid on the Boot Drives you may be able to setup a Software RAID on the Data Drives though I'm defiantly not sure if it will work or how reliable it would be if setup that way.


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More than one raid

by jdclyde In reply to Firstly I don't know if w ...

I have read you can have more than one raid setup, but never looked to see if they would have to be the same level of raid or not.

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JD That's why I said I don't

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More than one raid

Even know if it's possible.

With every Hardware RAID that I have ever setup you can have different Arrays but they are the same type of Array so if you chose RAID 0 you can have 2 RAID 0 setup of if you want RAID 5 you can have 2 RAID 5 Setup but I've never heard of having 2 Different Raid configurations on the one machine and I've never seen anything in print on how this would be possible.

Hence the suggestion of a combination of a Hardware RAID for the Boot Drives and a Software RAID for the RAID 5 Array. In theory it should work but I've never tested a machine set that way so I'm not sure.


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Not sure on Windows but with Veritas

by daveo2000 In reply to JD That's why I said I do ...

We used to set up the OS drive with mirroring and the data drives RAID 5. I also think that you can do things like this with the A1000 arrays (Sun equipment). They are full hardware RAID control in the array cabinet.

It looks to me like this guy is trying to RAID 2 partitions on the same physical drive. Did I miss something?

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Looking back I think that I misread the situation

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not sure on Windows but w ...

Or just took it for granted that more drives would be installed.

Like no one is going to attempt to setup a RAID Array on 2 Partitions on 1 HDD are they?

Maybe it was me reading something that wasn't there and expecting the necessary hardware to just be added. As there is no mention of Windows either I suppose that I just assumed that it was Windows that they wanted to do this on. Generally other people say which OS that they want to try something out on and if nothing is mentioned it's Windows as there isn't another OS is there?


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by jdclyde In reply to Looking back I think that ...

I missed that too because it is not possible, I did not consider it.

I am hoping that he was just using the wrong terms for the right job?

Got to have multiple physical drives unless your only doing software mirror, which is NOT raid.

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I understand that much

by viccuranovic In reply to Firstly I don't know if w ...

I totally understand that its not possible to RAID a partitioned drive. I did not make the post clear. Can I GHOST (Image) the actual drive (C drive) and have to separate physical drives??????

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What exactly do you want to Ghost?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I understand that much

The OS to one drive and the Data to another?

Or what. Either way I'm not sure that this can be done as you can not rebuild what was never present in the first place, though it may be possible to establish the Hardware RAID for the OS and then Ghost the OS to that Array but that would load a heap of error messages with the setup even if it did work and I'm not sure that you could even do it.

Then depending on the available hardware you would have to establish the RAID 5 Array and GHOST the Data to that so you would have C Drive being the RAID 1 and D Drive being the RAID 5 which may work without errors but I'm not really sure and it would be much easier installing from scratch and then recovering your AD and any GP's that you have in place as well as your data as anything on the Ghost Drives would have the wrong or missing drivers in it so it may break the Software Raid. But I'm not sure as I've never tried something like thing previously.


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Thats true, I will go with RAID 5.

by viccuranovic In reply to What exactly do you want ...

No your rite. It seems there is no easy way of going about this. In any case I will just set it up as RAID 5. I appreciate the feedback

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RAID is for hardware redundency.

by daveo2000 In reply to RAID with a Partitioned H ...

The idea of RAID is that if one physical drive fails, you can reconstruct your data from the remaining drives or, in the case of mirroring, the data exists on two seperate physical drives.

Additionally, RAID can speed up data access by allowing data to be spread over different physical drives, therefore using multiple sets of read/write heads going after related data.

What you appear to be asking for defeats both of these ideas since it would be using one set of heads and one drive.

Redundant - more than one
Array of - grouped together
Inexpensive/Independant - low cost
Drives - physical (not logical) units (plural).

If there is only one physical drive, it isn't "redundant", it isn't an "array" and it isn't plural.

Please note that "Software RAID" still uses seperate physical disks and sits just above the device driver. This is before the interpretation of partitions which is where you want to do it.

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