RAID0 harddisk replacement

By kiranchinnu ·
hello all,

I have a HP server with raid0 , as we are running out of space i want to add more harddisks ,is that possible ? if not can i add bigger harddisks?

any help apprieacted.

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This all depends on the RAID Controller you have

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RAID0 harddisk replacemen ...

The easy way is to remove one HDD fit a bigger one and rebuild the Array to the Same Size as the original Array. They shut down replace the other HDD and rebuild the Array again.

Then when you have both of the bigger HDD running as the same size as the old array use a Partition Utility to increase the size of the Array.

But you would first have to make sure that the RAID Controller supports this option.


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oh smeg's got it

by markp24 In reply to RAID0 harddisk replacemen ...

he beat me to it

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by _Angel_ In reply to RAID0 harddisk replacemen ...

i dont think you can rebuild raid 0 (stripping) on any kind of raid (software or hardware) as there is no way the controller/driver to be able to get the info being placed on the old drive and to write it to the new one on the rebuild
do you confuse raid 0 with raid 1

the only eventually possible but still not sure option i think it might work is to bit by bit copy/clone one of the old drives to the new one before attaching it in the pc

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Unknown

Hi m,

Maybe i read the question wrong, i thought he is looking to add drives to an existing set, if so he should be able to add a drive to the array controller, then use some partition tool and extend the partition, the software should see the drive as one big space, when he accesses the controller card firmware or controller card software, then he can take care of adding and assigning it to this raid 0 group of drives (

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_Angel_is correct

by UAnimosity In reply to RAID0 harddisk replacemen ...

Raid 0 does not do any parity and thus cannot "rebuild" if you replace a drive. This is why they are not used for any kind of critical application, since you actually double the chances of data loss in a RAID0 array; if one of the drives fail, it takes out the entire array.

You would be wise to perform a full backup and reconfigure your array to one that provides a form of redundancy.

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Easy fix

by wizardb In reply to RAID0 harddisk replacemen ...

ghost the raid partition to one large drive create a new lager raid partion then ghost your copy over to the new larger on.

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Back up, rebuild, restore

by mfa In reply to RAID0 harddisk replacemen ...

Assuming you want to maintain the RAID 0 array for performance reasons, your only option, really, is to back up the data to some other media, build a new RAID 0 array, and restore the data to it. I agree with UAnimosity that this would be an excellent time to build in some redundancy, perhaps by building a Nested RAID array, most likely RAID 10, if your controller supports it.

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