Raid1 booting problems

By Rich ·
Hi guys
Im close to giving it all up unless someone can help me!
I have got 2 80GB HDDs connected via SATA to a PCI Raid card. I have ran the setup and had it working but now it only boots every few tries! I cant seem to sort a pattern! If I put the cables directly into the motherboard it boots fine and shows 2 disks which are identical in their file structure and data. Then If I shutdown, reconnect the cables to the card and boot it boots without fail.

Its the first time i have had to do this from scratch as all the other machines I have had this with have been prebuilt servers and im just totally lost as to what to do next!

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Have you tried replacing the RAID Controller?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Raid1 booting problems

That would be my first choice in a situation like that.

Also how old is this unit and what is it actually doing?

Also if this is a server of some kind do you need to shut it down?


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thanks for the reply

by Rich In reply to Have you tried replacing ...

Its all brand new kit but its a good spec desktop I have converted into a server. Its almost as if it boots ok off one disk but when it tries to boot off the other one it cant?

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It still sounds like a faulty Raid Controller

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to thanks for the reply

I never place much faith in New stuff that is untested as I've been caught out way too many times. The most expensive one was replacing a Serial Mouse I had to drive 150 Kilometres to reach the site and then when I pulled the new mouse out of the box it didn't work. That $5.00 mouse cost me several hours and 2 tanks of fuel to replace but it also taught a good lesson Never Trust any New Untested Item. It's far easier to test them at the office rather than drive out to a site and find that you have a faulty part.

When it comes to M'Boards and Controller Cards it's harder but it's much faster to swap one over and confirm that the part isn't faulty then to waste days trying to fix something that is unfix-able.

My test monitor developed a fault and on a repair it went blank I spent close to 4 hours going slowly insane before I realised that the 6 month old Monitor had a problem that when it reached a certain temp it quit working. Because it was mine and I used it all the time I didn't initially think that the problem could be in the monitor and spent hours messing around with the computer attempting to fix a problem that didn't exist.


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