Raid1 - Can I rebuild with old Raid1 drives?

By Jens_1 ·

I tried to expand my Raid1 from 80GB to 500GB.

1. create backup with ntbackup (windows)
2. put new drives in and configure as Raid1
3. install basic Windows
4. import backup failed as the backup drive was faulty (

Is it possible to a) recreate the old Raid1 set with the 80GB harddisk (LSI MegaRaid) or b) is it possible to extract the data from just one of the old drives (in Non-Raid mode)?


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If you have the old drives and didn't use them

by CG IT In reply to Raid1 - Can I rebuild wit ...

for the new RAID array, then yes you can simply connect the old drives to the RAID controller and boot.

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Thanks, it worked

by Jens_1 In reply to If you have the old drive ...

as suggested.
Made a backup, this time to two disks and verified that it was accessible.

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This depends on your RAID Controller

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Raid1 - Can I rebuild wit ...

But in the past I have had success with removing one Drive fitting a new one and using the RAID Setup Wizard to rebuild the Array to a new HDD and then removing the second old Drive and using a product like G Parted


To resize the Partition on the New Drive and then rebuild the RAID Array with it to a bigger size.

I have also in the past used Acronis True Image to clone 1 of the RAID Drives to a new Bigger Drive and then use that New Drive to Rebuild the Array after replacing the existing HDD in the Array.

But as I said above it all depends on what the RAID Controller that you have supports.


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Clone and upgrade

by artanyis In reply to Raid1 - Can I rebuild wit ...

If you have one of the old 80gig drives that is undamaged I would say your best course of action is to clone it to the 500gig raid.

This is going to depend on the RAID controller a bit. I've actually done this a several times because its been really effective. Just clone the 80gig to one of the 500gig drives using something like Acronis or some such similar software, repartition the drive to use the full 500gigs than add the second 500gig drive to the raid to make it a mirrored raid.

If your using a cheap raid controller that needs to wipe out the drives to create a raid than you'll want to make the raid first than clone the drive, but at that point you'll need a better cloning software, Acronis Enterprise edition will work, a little pricey but very effective software, and it will allow you to increase the partition size as you clone.

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