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By kurteye ·
I submitted some specs for a server our was a "wish list" and I specked the server to use RAID5 controller card. and 4 9 Gb SCSI drives. When the specks went to the committee to get approval. It was shot down by somone that said we should be thinking RAID5 EIDE....not SCSI...for we could buy an 80 GB EIDE drive probably for the same money for the 9 Gb SCSI. Needless to say when I heard what he said, i was upset. Does anyone have any experience with RAID5 EIDE? I thought all servers should be SCSI.....The DELL site i went to to configure the server didn't even offer such a drive or any mention of RAID EIDE...

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Information that might help?

by staci In reply to RAID5 EIDE vs RAID5 SCSI

"SCSI is still better because:
1) You can connect up to seven devices on one channel, which is not possible in EIDE.
2) Although speed of EIDE hard drives has been enhanced, they still lag behind SCSI."
"When all the serious server manufacturers begin to use EIDE drives in their servers, only then will I think that they are clearly better. SCSI is superior for most server tasks and for heavy-loaded workstations. For home users, SCSI would be like driving a BMW on a road limited to 10 MPH speed limit, so it's a waste of money. Also EIDE disks are reported to be affected by electromagnetic emissions more than their SCSI counterparts."

"SCSI is scalable up to 15 devices whereas EIDE only supports four."
"SCSI devices can let go of the bus to process a command, letting another SCSI device use the bus. EIDE devices hold on to the bus until the command is complete."
"If a SCSI device receives multiple commands in rapid succession, it can prioritize those commands and execute them in the most efficient manner. EIDE devices execute a command upon receipt, period."
"The more devices you put on a SCSI bus, the more efficient it gets. Even with DMA, EIDE devices can't reach the same level of efficiency."
"SCSI supports internal and external devices. EIDE supports internal only."

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by skkzarg_death In reply to RAID5 EIDE vs RAID5 SCSI

ok.. cost wise, your going to have a heck of a time finding an adequate EIDE card that will chain more than two drives on one channel. (I am told there are some that WILL do it however, they are the extreme upper end.)

The drives WILL be alot cheaper than SCSI, but you will pay a hit in performance. ESPECIALLY in a RAID array. You also are looking at a software raid solution compared to a hardware raid. Scsi RAID will allow you to recover and rebuild if critical OS files are corrupted.. EIDEsoftware raid will require an OS running..
Just some thoughts to consider


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