RAID5 fail when one harddrive fail

By knmpl ·
i have a problem my server not booting when in one of hard drive fail in RAID5
i have 4 physical drive
my HP server pro DL160 G5 have 750 GB 4 drive RAID5 configure
last week my server suddely restart and then one drive fail in RAID 5 but server not booting after restart and array show my all logical drive fail.
in this my company imp data so how can i get my data
if i change hard drive can it work fine and rebuild array and no lost of my data or something i do for saving my comp data help me pls.

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When one drive fails

by Seaweedd In reply to RAID5 fail when one hard ...

... in a RAID 5 array you can replace it and it will rebuild. If two are gone at the same time, as I understand it, that's bad news and you need to get the array back into a healthy state and do a restore from your last backup.

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The whole point

by tintoman In reply to RAID5 fail when one hard ...

of a RAID 5 array is that if one drive fails the data on that drive can be recovered from the redundant data bits on the other drives.And, since the data is spanned across all the hard drives in your system, one failure will cause the machine not to start normally.

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by mafergus In reply to RAID5 fail when one hard ...

That you are using a) Hardware Raid and b) Raid is configured properly, it won't boot properly, but you should see a diagnostic screen which should give you the option to either rebuild or run in degraded mode.

Normally, hardware RAID will allow you to replace the drive without rebooting the system. It will just run at dimished performance until the drive is rebuilt.

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