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Raise text relevance in a three-column layout

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter describes how to raise text relevance by rearranging a three-column layout.

Do you use a two- or three-column page layout for most of your designs? If you use a three-column layout, are the tips in this column useful to you? Please let us know by posting to this discussion.

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variations and implications

by kamwe In reply to Raise text relevance in a ...

The technique described in this article seems very close to what I have in mind for a site design I'm working on.
I was originally drawn to the idea of using CSS for page layout because of the possibility of moving main text content closer to the top of the file, so the titles of these latest articles by
Michael Meadhra caught my eye.

One comment: I think he got so absorbed in explaining the CSS mechanics of this layout (which he did very well), that he forgot to come back to the issue of how this technique serves to move the content in the main div higher in teh code.
For a neophyte like me, it would have been useful if he had circled back to that issue.

A question:
the working design for my current project has one
extra feature (compared to the layout in Meadhra's July 7 column); a second full width column/div between the header div and the three columns below. This is intended for a "feature product" which can be changed by the site owner (using Contribute or some such Content Management
package -- comment?).
Assuming that I don't want to change either the position of these two blocks (let's call them Header1 and Header2) or the amount of real estate they occupy -- and that my wish is still to have the content in the main div appear as high as possible in the code -- what positioning technique would Meadhra recommend?
And what -- if any -- complications am I introducing with a second full width block in this design? Thanks for a very useful column, Michael.

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