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Hi ,

SBS ment for small firm, SBS 2003 got its own limitations:

?1. A maximum of 75 users.
2. It must be installed as the only Domain Controller in a single-domain forest.
3. No trust relationships are allowed between other domains or forests.
4. A maximum of 2 CPUs.

you can have windows server in the SBS network as a member server but not a ADC.

Is it correct for SBS2003 means not for real environment for test purpose also we can't create above 75 users?

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You lost me there. What exactly are you looking to do?

by ManiacMan In reply to Rajesh

Please rephrase what you're trying to accomplish.


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by seanferd In reply to Rajesh

75 users is the maximum for SBS 2003. Yes, that is correct. To support more users, Windows Server and Exchange Server are required.
Test purposes? If you are using an educational or evaluation copy of the software, yes, it is for testing purposes only, and the license will expire. A fully licensed copy is meant for a real environment, but it will not support more processors or users. It was designed for smaller businesses, and has Windows, Exchange, and SQL Servers all rolled into one package. If you need to go bigger with any of these Server systems, you need to buy those products separately in order to increase your capacities.
<br><br> See what Microsoft has to say. <br>

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