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By samjkd ·
MY computer is running on p4 1.7GHZ processor with
mercury mother board using intel 845gl as chipset.I am using 128mb SDRAM having 133MHZ and i recently bought a new 256mb DDR RAM having 266MHZ when i installed it on my computer it is not booting (i onstalled DDR after removing SDRAM). pls send me a solution

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by TheChas In reply to RAM

Unless you have 2 sets of DIFFERENT RAM sockets, you cannot use DDR RAM on a motherboard designed for SDRAM.

While the DIMM modules are the same length, the pins and keying are VERY different.

If you did manage to force a DDR DIMM into a SDRAM socket, you may have damaged both your memory and your motherboard.

Checking at Intel's web site, the 845GL chip-set does support both SDRAM and DDR RAM.
However, they do require different DIMM sockets.


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by melvin_780702 In reply to RAM

Another way of distinguishing a SDRAM from a DDR is the notch or guide parallel with the RAMs pins. SDRAM has two notches and DDR only have one. Good Luck! I hope you did not force a DDR in a SDRAM socket, i'll do a lot of damage

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