ram causing blue screen?

By matty870621345 ·
I have been having a problem lately with my p.c. I decided to upgrade the ram in my Packard bell pc from 1g to 4g. I went on the crucial website and did their scan and they suggested the upgrades which i purchased. I haven't had a problem with the computer for about a year. Then suddenly a few weeks ago it started randomly rebooting itself.

After a week or so i decided to contact crucial and tell them that i think the RAM i have is faulty, they upgraded it to a faster type as the ram i had was obsolete.

In the meantime i put my old ram back in and everything was fine.

So i installed the new RAM and continue to get the random reboots and blue screen of death problem. I get a really long error message like 0x000008e...etc maybe 4 or 5 different reasons for it crashing.

I've thought that my computer can't take the new ram for some reason, but i can't find any drivers for my motherboard on the giga-byte website as it's a packard bell specific model.

I've also ran registry cleaners, but it doesn't seem to help, i was even thinking of buying RegCure to see if this helps but i would like to know if it is the RAM that is causing the problem.

I've even ran a memory diagnostic check at the start up and the test states that the ram is working as intended.

I've come here to see if anybody can give me some advice on what to do and try and fix this, i really don't want to be stuck with 1g of RAM.

Thanks Alot

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This will scare you

by Slayer_ In reply to ram causing blue screen?

Faulty Video cards will cause this
Faulty Motherboards will cause this
Faulty CPU's will cause this
Faulty Powersupplies will cause this
Faulty RAM will cause this

We can help eliminate some of these however,
If you answer yes to this next question.

Do applications frequently and inexplicably error out (especially things like Internet explorer).
If so, we can [usually] eliminate Video card.

Does it only happens when the system is on extreme load?
If so, good chance it is power supply.

Is it shutting down with a BSOD?
If so, it is probably a bad driver.

If it is just turning off and turning back on on its own, then we cannot eliminate any of the above possiblities.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to ram causing blue screen?

According to This Site it is hardware. Sometimes newer isn't better.

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Had a similar problem

by SKDTech In reply to ram causing blue screen?

Had a similar problem when I added memory to my vista box two years ago. I would point to the RAM as the most likely culprit. You might try another brand of RAM and make sure to match the speed of the original sticks.

Otherwise I would run CPU-z to get the motherboard model and then do a search on the board model number to see if anyone else has been having problems similar to yours and to make sure you are getting the proper type of RAM.

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before you spend money

by Triathlete1981 In reply to ram causing blue screen?

Try using only one of the new RAM sticks. Take out the original, supposedly good RAM and put in one of the new ones. Try this with EVERY new RAM module you have. If the rebooting problem does not happen, there is nothing wrong with the RAM. If there is a problem even with the new RAMs being the only RAM in the computer, than there's a problem with the new RAM.

If you find that the computer works normally for each of your tests, than the problem is likely bad DIMM slots on the motherboard.

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bad dimm slots

by Slayer_ In reply to before you spend money

Seem to happen frightingly often, I just had 3 machines infront of me with this issue.

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