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    Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)


    by jackaass ·

    I have two DDR333 256 MB DDR\DIMM Rams (Same Brands/Frequencies). I used to enjoy 512MB. And Now, when I add only one 256 DDR (No matter which one) My Computer works perfectly. But When I add both 256 Rams together, My Computer Freezes or Crashes after booting up Windows XP. I tried many Different ways but I couldn’t find a solution SO PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙂

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      Reply To: Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      My first 2 ideas are:

      Bent pin in one of the RAM sockets bridging a memory line.

      Weak power supply.

      Of the 2, I would start with the power supply.

      It would not hurt to give the motherboard a good cleaning to remove dust and other debris. While your cleaning the motherboard, look at the capacitors (cylindrical parts with silver tops). If you see any bulges or evidence of liquid leaking out of them, your mainboard is starting to fail. In working to keep costs low, the capacitor manufactures from time to time have gone a little bit too far and produced batches of bad capacitors.


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        Reply To: Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

        by jackaass ·

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        Thank you for the Ideas, but I Couldn’t find Damaged capacitors or bent pins in the RAM sockets. (BOTH RAMS WORK INDIVIDUALLY ON ANY SOCKET, BUT NOT WHEN BOTH ARE PLUGGED) and I’ll check my Power Supply. Thnx again for the help

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      Reply To: Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      by fungus-among-us ·

      In reply to Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      Sounds to me like you have a bad memory module.

      Best way to test memory is using Memtest 86. Some of the “enthusiast” boards have this built right into the BIOS, but you may have to download it.

      Create a DOS boot disk, put memtest86 on it, boot from the boot disk, and run memtest thuroughly, check each stick individually.

      I would also get a program like CPU-Z or Everest and individually check each RAM stick and make sure that everything is the same (chip manufacturer, SPD timings, voltages).

      Have you been overclocking your system? Overclocking the RAM? Increasing your RAM voltage (if not already maxed) may help too.

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      Reply To: Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      Just another though are you plugging these RAM Modules into the correct Sockets? Most M’Boards that use this type of RAM require it to be placed in particular Sockets to work properly.

      I would also check the PS for possible damage as the Power may be going [b]Off Spec[/b] and causing the problem as well.


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      Reply To: Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      by thenewpl ·

      In reply to Ram Conflict (PLS HELP)

      Not sure if you have the problem fixed but I am wondering why in the first place you are removing your ram when they were both already in there. Was there something else that was happening that made you take out ram??? My thought is that while you were removing this it is very possible you have caused an ESD (electro static discharge)in one of them which will destroy it.

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