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RAM for Graphics

By qb4006 ·
I need to setup PC's to be used by graphics pros running Win XP and Adobe Photoshop. Adobe has recommended system requirements but I was wondering if anyone had an opinion of how much a graphics person "really needs" to adequately run a graphics program like this. Its usually more than what the manufacturer states but how much??

Any opinions???

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by TheChas In reply to RAM for Graphics

I usually look at the minimum system requirements and double the CPU speed, RAM, and video resources.

For Photoshop, you may want even more RAM. 1GB would not be unreasonable.

Look at the file size of the average image that would be opened. (not JPEG or other compressed format) Figure 128MB for XP and other software plus 2 times the image file size for your RAM requirements.

For video, look at your monitor and the highest resolution setting that the users will use. Then make sure that you have at least 2 times the video RAM required to support the resolution.

Hard drive space is another issue. How many images are stored locally, and how long are images kept?
Make sure the hard drive has enough storage for the longer of 5 years or the expected life of the system.

Keep in mind, that the more powerful the system, the more efficient the users will be in this environment. An extra $500 per PC for more RAM and better video cards could pay for itself in a few months.


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by qb4006 In reply to

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by csmith In reply to RAM for Graphics

Chas has the point.
The question of what the PC needs to run the application is not relevent for PhotoShop and AutoCad.
It is the economics.
Hardware is so cheap, and labor so expensive, that any time savings is worth while.
This means an AMD Athlon 64 with an ATI 9800 video card is a common choice.
Of course these high end PCs are also fitted with plenty of RAM (over one Gig , as mentioned) and fast hard drives.
Look at how much these people are paid.
Productivity is it, not first cost.
Regards, Chris

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by qb4006 In reply to RAM for Graphics

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