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    Ram frequency difference?!


    by r_o_l_a_n_d ·

    im thinking of upgrading my ram, i currently have 1 gb (2 * 512 ddr) so ill switch to 2 * 1 gb, since i just have 2 slots.
    i checked my frequency it supports 166 and 200 mhz.

    i checked more than one hardware store, to find they only have 400 mhz. is it possible tht i plug such ram into my pc?! even though there’s a difference in frequency tht the new ram support! would it cause any prob ?!

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      by r_o_l_a_n_d ·

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      replacing RAM

      by jck ·

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      Make sure that it is:

      The same type, e.g.- PC-RAM, DDR, DDR2, SDRAM, RDRAM.

      The same number of pins, e.g.- 72, 144, 168, 200, 240.

      Same voltages

      It sounds like you’re using PC-1600 memory, and they are trying to sell you PC2-3200. Your old memory might be regular DDR RAM, and what they are offering you is probably old [b]DDR2[/b] RAM.

      If you go to websites like Micron, Kingston, or Newegg, they have “memory configurators” (programs on their site that let you find out what kind of memory you need) that will help you decide.

      Good luck, and be very careful

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        Yup, be VERY careful

        by cmiller5400 ·

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        I got bit on the a$$ once because of a part number being almost exactly the same minus a letter on the very end that specified that the memory was high density instead of low density, the machine could not support high density RAM. I had to return it to get the correct one. ALWAYS use the configurators to find out what is the proper memory to buy.

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        by r_o_l_a_n_d ·

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        hey thanks for the help!
        your right after checking, theres no way that such frquency can be supported by my pc.

        i used a tool called “cpuid” and it shows every detail i should know about in case i ever thought to upgrade my hardware.

        anyway once again i wanna thank you all for the help 🙂

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      by shhite ·

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      Go to

      They have a tool on their website that will tell you exactly which ram you need and sell it to you at the same time. Very easy.

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