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RAM instalation problem

By peetree ·
This is no lie! I am working on a computer, cleaning it inside and out, and upgrading. One of the first things I did was to plug it in and power it up to see if everything was alright, it's a donated machine that has an older (obsolete) Slot A design. It worked fine until brought it home. When I powered it up again I gave me 3 distict POST beeps. Acording to BIOS codes for AMI BIOS it is a failure in the Base 64K of memory. I removed the memory and tried rearanging it. Here is were this get VERY INTERESTING! The modules would not fit all the way into the slots. One end or the other would fully engage the hold down clip, but the other end resisted to pressure too much. According to the manufacturer's specs (which I had to get online - thankfully) it is the correct type; 3.3v, Unbuffered. What is the problem?!?!

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by nla467 In reply to RAM instalation problem

Make sure that you are not installing it in reverse. RAMs have notches that usually act as guide when you install them, usually the notch its on the side where pin #1 is.

Hope this helps...

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to RAM instalation problem

Check to make sure your putting the memory in in the correct direction. There is a small notch in the stick that will go over a litte "nub" in the slot.

If the notches line up, check for something in the slot.

Sounds dumb, but sometimes it's the simplest things that can cause the most problems.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to RAM instalation problem

nope, that is not the problem. it'll fit, unless the slots are busted...
try to put it back in the way you took it out. it will go in with a satisfying snic when you get it right. put it in level and try to push down evenly on both ends...
then reseat the processor
also, all other cards. you didn't mention enuf system details. some models have a video ram helper card. just reseat everything you can.

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by Oz_Media In reply to RAM instalation problem

Two ideas:

Just make sure the notches in the bottom of the RAM match the slot and then push hard.

It was proabably a snug fit and while it was in transport it was jarred out of contact so it erred when you powered it up.

I have scratched my noggin more than once only to have a final push into the slot set it up and get it in place. An old video game trick is to use an eraser on the RAM contacts before seating it, it may have some oxidation or corrosion interfering with the contacts.

Second answer:
Nail file

Just file down the end that overhangs the clip and it should fit.

(that ones just a joke though)

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by valis In reply to RAM instalation problem

isn't the BASE 64k of memory on the processor itself?

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by peetree In reply to RAM instalation problem

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