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ram issues?

By husp1 ·
Well heres the jist of the situation, Afriend of mine just received a promotion at his work giveing him Extra work on his home system so the company upgraded his system from 98 to 2000 pro, along with that they upgraded his ram as well. so we have a HP pavilion 58806 with a 800 AMD athlon prossor origonaly with a 128 meg but they added a 256from circut city ( Who claims that it is a PC1001153) system first came up with a physical memory dump error then rebooted now it is locked into a reboot cycle. I say it is bad memory but he thinks he has a virus alto his anti virus say not.(corperate norton) whos right?

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by VinnyD In reply to ram issues?

There is no way to tell.

But this is what you should do!

Windows 2000 is set to reboot on a "hard error"

Boot to the safe mode

Right click the My Computer Icon and go to Properties.

Then go to the "Advanced" tab

Click the Startup and Recovery button

Uncheck "automatically reboot"

Now reboot - This will make the error message that keeps rebooting the computer stay on the screen.

Next, remove the new ram and leave the old ram in and reboot. Now you will know if the system thinks the ram is a problem.

Now remove the old ram and put the new ram in.
See if the computer will boot.
IF it does there is a conflict between the 2 different types of memory.

So dont mix them together.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to ram issues?

take out new ram?

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by info In reply to ram issues?

I think this is the typical problem of an incompatible RAM module that cause the system to begin dumping the physical memory.
This means also that the additional memory could be defective. Check the list of approved additional RAM modules for the HP Pavillon 58806 after checkin the DIMM on another PC with the same OS.

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by husp1 In reply to ram issues?

well I had to go and see for myself and as it turned out the ram is incorrect. (thank god I don't work at his IT dept.) all answers are correct so I think the points should be devided evenly between the three.

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by Boli In reply to ram issues?

well to start with a PC1001153 is crap its probs PC100 as the 1st bit of the product number says... PC100 is getting old 2 be honest and there should have been PC133 put in to match the processor.

you need to change the ram to PC133 for it to be compatible!

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by zubin_kharas In reply to ram issues?

Hi there,
Firstly, HP Pavilion's have serious RAM Incompatibility issues. Make sure you use single sided memory not double sided.
In practical terms, I mean a DRAM module can be composed of either 8 chips on 1 side of the PCB alone or 16 chips with 8 chips on both sides. Also with HP, you will need your RAM set to the maximum frequency, not underclocked or overclocked & that MHz should be exactly the same as the Processor Front Side Bus.
Eg, motherboard may clainm to support both PC100 & PC133 or PC150 but you must use the exact RAM. I have a similar PC & have done a lot of experiments to come up with this observation
Of course, HP wouldnt agree with this. Hope this helps.


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by husp1 In reply to ram issues?

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