RAM management issue.

By chris ·
I am running Win XP SP 3, all updates current.

I have 4GB RAM installed.

My system is pretty fast and usually have no problems whatsoever, but...

Sometimes when I am using my audio recording software (Cakewalk Sonar 6.2), and I have a lot of audio samples being used, I get low memory and out of memory alerts.

When I check RAM usage in Task Mgr, it only shows about 1GB being used. I know Task Mgr doesn't list all services, so I have used VM Map to see memory allocation, and still cannot isolate the problem.

Could this be:

1) a Sonar memory usage problem?
2) an XP memory usage problem?
3) an XP memory reporting problem?
4) a RAM controller problem?
5) a motherboard problem?
6) sunspots?

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Knowledge Base

by Kingbackwards In reply to RAM management issue.

Found this:

Assuming that it isn't caused by broken effect or a faulty import, as those would be easily repeated at specific times.

Then by elimination your "out of memory" error isn't due to your system ram but the video cards on board ram.

Consider getting/using a beefier video card or changing the setting in suggestion 4 and see what happens.

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No video card issue

by chris In reply to Knowledge Base

Thanks for the link.

I don't know about how my mainboard video is reacting as far as installed devices go, but I already use 2 top-of-the-line PCIExpress SLI NVidia cards linked at 256MB each - my video is exceptional under any amount of usage or conditions.

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Option 4.

by Kingbackwards In reply to No video card issue

Well you may want to try the other suggestions the provide, especially option 4:

4) Finally, if all of the above check out, uncheck 64-bit double precision engine under Options | Audio if you have SONAR 5 or later.

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Does the 3 gig switch make any difference?

by Kenone In reply to RAM management issue.
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Run MS Process Explorer (not taskman) and enable private bytes..

by cmatthews In reply to RAM management issue.

..column by right-clicking on the column header.

For a little primer on memory management try watching guru's Russinovich and Solomon:

There should be enough to get you some direction.

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