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ram needed

By nyork ·
i have just started a corse in it and have a question whith will help me with my first assignment.
if i need to run 2 difrent programs at the same time (simitanisly) and the mimimum ram required for each program is 128mb dose this mean that 256mb af ram would be needed to run boath programs????

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by TheChas In reply to ram needed

Not to be overly critical, but the first thing you need to do is either learn to spell better, or get a better translation program.

You can install spell checkers in most web browsers.

Sorry to be so blunt, but many of the peers here will ignore a question like yours with such poor spelling.

Anyhow, the answer depends on your OS and system configuration.

On a single core system, while you can have multiple programs open at the same time, the system can only process instructions from 1 program at a time.

Next, the minimum RAM requirement for most programs is higher than just the amount of system RAM that the program is loaded into. RAM is usually required for temporary data storage, file handling and any number of other tasks.

Another issue is that the minimum required RAM is often the bare minimum required for the program to operate. So, you usually need more than the minimum amount of RAM if you have even multiple windows for the same program open.

Next, if you are running Windows, virtual memory is part of the equation. How well the programs utilize virtual memory has a significant impact on how much real RAM is needed to run multiple programs simultaneously.

Bottom line, you most likely need more than the minimum amount of RAM to run multiple programs. However, you need more information to definitively define the minimum amount of required RAM for all running programs.


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by TheChas In reply to

Yes, the spell checker looks like it works.

There are 2 reasons that I made the comment about spelling at all.

First, there is a tendency among the peers here to not respond to questions that look like homework.

Being honest and letting us know that you need some help is refreshing. Keep being candid, and you will get your questions answered.

Secondly, I assume that you are taking some programming or computer technology courses in hopes of getting a job.

Don't neglect written and verbal language skills.

Spelling errors on your resume, cover letter and application often count against you. Poor spelling on your cover letter is the fastest way to not get an interview.

Good communication skills are essential if you hope to advance in nearly any job.

One final point, if you want to keep getting answers on this forum, you should rate answers and close your questions in a timely manner.

You can wait a few more days on this question to see if you get more answers.

Generally speaking, for most questions close them within 2 weeks of asking.


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by nyork In reply to ram needed

thank you for your prompt reply. sorry abut the spelling and that my standard of literacy is not up to others standard. if people do not wont to help because i cant spell (i can how ever read without any problems) then i do not wont them to help no would i like know them. i have how ever taken your advice and installed a spell check into my browser i hope it works. also thanks very much for your help as i now have a better understanding.
p.s did the spell check work

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ram needed

Don't worry overly about the spelling I didn't notice it really until Chas pointed it out. Incidentally you can add comments to your question rather than answering it to add some more to the question.

However Chas is correct in his summing up the RAM Requirements vary according the the OS used and several other things. With Windows which I'm taking it as your base OS the more RAM you have available the faster the thing will be and you have to remember that the OS requires RAM to run and has first pick as well. What will happen if you have a small amount of RAM is that the excess will be stored in the Page File for Y2k and XP and on the Swap File for the Older versions of Windows same thing different name really. But when the Page File is used this is written to the HDD and is much slower than if it was stored in RAM. And the stated RAM is a minimum requirement but it is not cumulative that is the minimum that is required to run that application. Like the Minimum System Requirements for XP are a 400 MHZ CPU and 128 MEG of RAM and while this configuration will work it is very slow the same CPU/M'Board combination with more RAM will be faster.

But to directly address your question if both applications have a minimum requirement of 128 MEG of RAM that is all you need to actually run both at the same time, the system will run the applications with 128 MEG RAM installed but it will be slow compared to what it can be.


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by dmiles In reply to ram needed

What you are referring to is called multi-tasking
and does not necessarily mean that you need to have 256mb memory for each program.
General it would be in your best interest to check the motherboard configuration manual about how much memory can be installed.

Generally having more memory means that the programs would run more faster and porocesses would not take long.

Right-click on My Computer on your Desktop and it will show how much memory is in the system,then you can determine if you want to upgrade.

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by korgmeister In reply to ram needed

answer = NO

it would mostly like depend on your Operating Systems and the Application software itself. and adding extra memory would do only a little bit performance unless your motherboard has dual channel feature.

however in normal sofware it wont take up all the memory on the ram, but it would depend on your virtual memory most likely (for windows) if you having latency when using both the program, you can try to allocate more virtual memory space and it should work better.

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