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By mathews_ps ·
Dear Sirs,

I am having a Intel Celron 433/66Mhz System having Tomato Board ZX98-AT with chipset Intel 82440ZX and 64MB PC100 SDRAM,AGP Card is Gforce2 MX400.

I have upgraded the RAM with a 128MB PC133 Mhz SDRAM and Now I am having a total RAM Size of 192MB(128MB PC133 + 64MB PC100). Now My system is working normally and having more speed. The Operating System is Windows XP professional. After working for an hour or two and If I like to shutdown my system using the shutdown button it is not shutting down and it stays as it is for 4,5 minutes and then the desktop icons are removed suddenly again it stays as it is with out any response so finally I have to shutit down by using the power switch.

The Working of the system is Normal Some times if I click on the System Properties the System properties will show after 1 or 2 minutes all other function is normal and faster. Is the above problem happening due to the difference in SDRAM Speed(100Mhz & 133Mhz). If not Is there any problem happens in future due to the differnce in the RAM Speed.Please Help me and clarify regarding the above.


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by dmiles In reply to RAM PROBLEM

Shutdown Does Not Complete or Hangs
Everyone that has used Windows XP has spent some time looking at the screen that says "Saving Your Settings" - waiting for it to finally decide that it's saved everything it can and move on to shutting down the system. I'm not sure if it's by design or considered a 'feature' of XP, but the closer it is to quitting time the longer it takes this transition to occur. As an added benefit, when XP does 'hang' at this point in shutdown there is no response to the Ctrl+Alt+Del sequence so the user is effectively stuck.

My guess is that a Microsoft employee eager to get out on a Friday afternoon finally decided to address this issue, but that's just speculation. Whatever the reason, this is a known issue with XP Home and Professional and has been addressed by Microsoft.

Windows XP Stops Responding (Hangs) During Windows Shutdown Q307274

How long does it take for shutdown to begin, or at least give some visible sign the system is shutting down? This varies, and often times seem to be in direct relation to software that is left running when shutdown is attempted.

The safest thing you can do is to make sure all programs have been closed before shutting down. This alone may solve your problem. Don?t overlook programs running in the system tray. It?s easy to forget these are running as we become so accustomed to seeing their icons on a daily basis. As a general rule, if you don?t see some visible shutdown activity within 1-2 minutes of initiation, something is holding up the process. One readily identifiable sign that some application or process is not terminating properly is the appearance of the "Wait, End Task, or Cancel" dialog box. The program or process listed needs to be examined as to why it isn't terminating properly. Often times a visit to a company website will provide an update to address the issue.

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by fred07 In reply to RAM PROBLEM


Above is correct

On the ram you should have the 128 in slot one and the 64 in slot 2

I always hate to see the mixed ram in a machine.

The ram in sdram is only 9 bucks per stick almost anywhere online. Thats pc 100 or pc 133.

Good luck.


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by Choppit In reply to RAM PROBLEM

Am I correct in understanding that this problem has only occured since you installed the additional RAM? Have you tried setting the DRAM clock speed to 100MHz manually (i.e. not using SPD) and select a high CAS latency. Also, Try running with just the 128MB stick and see what happens.In general I'd advise against mixing different speed RAM.

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by daharris In reply to RAM PROBLEM

I agree with all the above and would highly reccomend that you get another stick of 128 133Mhz speed ram at a trade show or whereever you can. Your not really gaining anything by saving that 64 meg of ram.

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