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    RAM problem


    by ajitrm ·

    I have 256 MB RAM in my system. I have dual os ie. win 98 and win 2000. The problem is that it shows 128 MB RAM in win 98 as well as win 2000. During booting, only 128 MB is shown. Why doesn’t it display 256 MB RAM?



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      by dmiles ·

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      First check the motherboard manual to see if it supports the memory upgrade,if so boot computer,at startup page press the designated key to enter Bios setup congiguration locate memory configuration,right-click and this should show the memory value that can be set on the boardselct the 256 if available,save and exit

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      by thechas ·

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      If this is an older PC, the motherboard could be limited to 128MB per DIMM.

      Or, the motherboard cannot deal with the structure of the SDRAM module that you have.

      Many older motherboards need specific DIMMs, or they cannot recognize the full capacity of the DIMM.

      There are at least 4 iterations of the SDRAM DIMM specification, and they do not require full backwards compatibility for new DIMM designs.


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